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Our organization started out entirely by leveraging the community, the founder, Jasmine "Jazzrez" Randolph, has been building through content creation. We are serious about our community, the Inferno Fam, as they are who inspired and allowed for the creation of Team Inferno.

Before Team Inferno was established, the Inferno merch was selling very well. People began asking if we were recruiting and what team people wearing the merch were a part of because it was already esports-style merch.

Members of the community started suggested we start an esports team, so Jazzrez made some polls to guage interest and the response was overwhelmingly: yes, do it.


We got to work and opened applications for our Apex Legends team and got over 3000 applicants! Jazzrez and the Mod Squad got together to plan and execute a fair and thorough tryout structure.

After 3 weeks of tryouts, we narrowed everything down to the 6 top players and finalized our roster!

Now, Jazzrez, Douglas "Super" Grant, our Chief Operating Officer, our social media team, and advisors work hard to propel our organization to reach new heights.


Moving forward, Team Inferno is bringing a unique force to the world of esports. Being a black-woman owned business in esports, it's important to us to provide an inclusive, genuine, and welcoming group of staff, players, and community members to the industry.


We value a genuine community supporting our organization. The Inferno Fam's energy coupled with our passion and tenacity gives us so much momentum and potential to change the landscape of esports!

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